Day 3 in Nepal – Getting to Pokhara

Date: 15 September 2012

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Very early in the morning we took a cab back to the airport. This is one of the main roads in Kathmandu!


We were taking the Buddha Air flight that morning to Pokhara.


Pokhara is about 200km from Kathmandu, but if we were to take an express bus there it would take us 7 hours, while the flight was only 25 mins in this little  plane:




It was a cloudy day (actually it remained cloudy until we left the country a few days later 🙁 )


Finally landed at Pokhara airport



and this is THE arrival Hall!


a nice poster greeted us:


We had a cab waiting for us 🙂


And here’s the little hotel where we were to spend a couple of nights in:


The view from our corridor down towards the courtyard:


We were told that if the weather is good we could see the Himalayas from our bedroom window.

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