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The Pinnacles, Western Australia

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Date: 1st September 2012


Soon after we left Gingin, we could see some of the sand dessert:


Some people would stop there for some rough outdoor activities, but we had something else in mind- The Pinnacles!


Signing the guessbook at The Pinnacles Discovery Centre:


Walking towards the open space behind the centre:


Baby pinnacles?


We walked on:


And finally, what a view!!


I was obviously very elated!


It was late afternoon, and very comfortable to wonder around:


Sunny, but cool :-)


Still playing the fool:


Clear warning:


One of the viewing decks available:


With some physical geography lesson:


DH took a lot of pix, and this is just one of them:


To see more pix, you may want to visit DH’s blog entry for this wonderful place!




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