A Day in Manila – Part I

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Date: 16th June 2012


At Davao Airport (the day before), waiting to board the flight back to Clark:


Happy to arrive back in Clark:


Date: 17th June 2012

We decided to rent a car (with driver) for a day tripo to Manila.

From our hotel, we passed by the infamous Angeles City:


The main street of Angeles City would be “alive” and look very different at night!


Looking at the signboard, we could be thinking that we are in South America!


At the toll house just before entering Greater Manila:


First stop was at the oldest university in Asia! Yes, University of Santo Tomas, founded in 1611,  is the oldest in Asia!


Some useful information:


And a mandatory jump just before we left:


We passed by another icon, and old church:



I waited in the car while DH went to have a peep:


I used to enter temples and churches before, but after 9-11, I no longer feel good entering them. I feel like I am intruding, esp when there’s a service in progress, like in the above church (it was a Sunday 🙂 ) .


The driver then took us to another church, Saint Augustin Church:


DH went to get a peep too, and here too, there was a service in progress,


I was contented to have a pic of me at the World Heritage sign 🙂

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