The Philippine Eagles

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Date: 15th June 2012


The next destination, after the Butterfly Farm,


Yes… we were here to meet the infamous Philippines Eagles!

But, let’s do some homework first:


The eagles are an endangered lot  🙁


The pictures I had seen so far gave me the impression that they are cute:


We had to walk deep into the park:


These are the cages for the eagles. The cages have to be big enough to allow them to stretch their wings (fly). There’s one here, can you see it:


More lessons:


They are also known as the monkey-eating eagles (yes, they eat monkeys!)


Their wing span is 7 meters!


This was the closest we could get to one:


This one was  just curious of us as much as we were curious to see him:


This park is definitely very educational 🙂


This one is in a cage:



There was a donation drive some years ago, and donors’ names are etched on the blocks of cements:




On our way out, we were “greeted” by this Brahminy kite 🙂




The road back to Davao:


Except for the public transports, the ambience really reminded me of the villages back home in 1970s..


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