Butterfly Sanctuary, Davao

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Date: 15th June 2012


We decided to hire a car for that day to visit a few locations around Davao.


The journey took us a bit out of Davao. This is a typical trunk road:

The villages and fruit orchards around them reminded me of 9my home state) Kelantan 40 years ago!


First stop was at the Butterfly Sanctuary (as if we do not have enough butterflies back home):


I think we were the only visitors that day!


Though I can imagine the crowd if it was during the weekend:


Let’s see the main attraction here:

The butterfly enclaved was very informative:


I manages to touch a beautiful butterfly:


The orchid nursery:


At the restroom area, I came across something familiar:


Though they did have some nice orchids planted at various places in the park, that was basically it, really…

We soon continued our journey to look for the Philippines Eagle 🙂 .



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