Sydney- Coolangatta: The Final Leg

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Date: 5th June 2012


Before we left Coffs Harbour, this “fishy”  restaurant caught our eyes:


A quick drive through the main street of the coffs Harbour town:


Nice place:


Soon it was a very long drive to Coolangatta.

A large  Sikh temple (in Woolgoolga, I think) greeted us:


More frequent than not, monstrous vehicles like this one (road train) would overtake us:


Sugar cane plantation in northern NSW:


This was taken at a simple washroom stop:


Yeah, Byron Bay, but we didn’t have the time for a detour. Next time, maybe…


Coolangatta is about 100km south of Brisbane, hence we were about 60km away from our destination (and the sun was going lower and lower):


More sugarcane feasted our eyes:


Soon we found ourselves in Coolangatta. We spared no time looking for this  familiar sight 🙂 (we were here in 2008, en route to Kiwiland) :


Adana’s ,the authentic Turkish cuisine:


Ordering our late (but satisfying) lunch of Turkish kebabs:

Contact number for those interested to know where to get halal kebab in Coolangatta:

Gold coast, in the horizon:

Almost sunset:


We returned the car at Coolangatta Airport and waited for our flight back to Sydney:


We were rather early, and were offered an earlier flight back to Sydney, which we accepted.


We arrived in Sydney a couple of hours earlier than expected. Unfortunately we were caught in a heavy thunderstorm that we were stranded on the tarmac for about an hour!! Planes could not fly out, so our plane could not berth at the designated gate 🙁 .


When we finally managed to get out, and get our luggage, it was pretty late. We checked in into a nearby hotel and very early the following morning we flew back to Malaysia.



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