Japan Trip 2011 – Sapporo White Illumination Part III

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Date: 7th December 2011


After some nagging from me (I was really really tired. Remember we did quite a lot of walking earlier in the day at Hakodate?), DH eventually agreed to leave the place.

It was still a long walk back to the hotel!


Even the roads were getting quieter then:-


This must have been DH’s last shot when he looked back:


Even on our way back, we were still admiring the street (Christmas) lights:


One of the private displays in an office lobby:


Well… keep on walking…


The site of Sapporo Railway Station was a relief:


Japanese are always good with huge displays:


We entered the station, and crossed it:


to eventually reach our hotel which is just 5 minutes away from the station 🙂


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