Japan Trip 2011 – Sapporo White Illumination Part II

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Date: 7th December 2011


I was tired, and thought it was very late until I saw the time on the tower:

It was just before 9pm!

We decided to climb up the “viewing bridge” and enjoy some “light show”:-


It was very well-animated, to immitate the waves:-


Note the change of illuminated parts:


This one had sparkled parts (obviously can’t be demonstrated by a still picture here):


It was mesmerizing!


If not because of the freezing temperature, I am sure I would spend much longer that this place:


See what I mean?






We finally moved back to the other part:


Walking very slowly and carefully (the last thing I want is a nasty fall!):


The snow was really compressed (& slippery) that I do think that ice-skating would be better here:


Was this a Christmas tree?


The lights kept changing colors too:




Here’s a cafe cum souvenir shop:

I entered the place briefly to warm myself up a bit 😉 .


This must be a photo-shoot corner:


I obliged, of course:


There was a Christmas fair/mart nearby:


But they stalls closed at 9pm 🙁 . Visitors were however not deterred from enjoying the displays:


Before we knew it, we had spent half an hour at the park:


It was time to walk back to our hotel (which was a good distance away! 🙁 )

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