Japan Trip 2011 – Sapporo White Illumination Part I


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Date: 7th December 2011


After a qucik check-in at the hotel, we went looking for a restaurant, as advertised in a pamphlet.


When we were about to give, we finally found it. It’s interior was cosy:


The lady of the place gave me a blanket (but not to DH) to keep me warm 😉 . It was a quiet corner, away from the smokers:


We ordered 2 different sets of seafood platter, which, we later found out were supposed to be charcoal-grilled ourselves! But the same lady (who gave me a blanket) helped us out:


It won’t be long for us to figure out how to go about with the rest ourselves:


After the dinner, we walked towards the city square/park; we came across this well-illuminated Keio Plaza Hotel:


And some on-going construction work:


We finally came to the snow-covered park:


It was (definitely) slippery, especially on the pressed frozen snow, so I tried my best to walk on fresher ones:


Very well-lit trees too:


Still some more walking to do:




We came to the main part of the “Sapporo White Illumination”:


We got hooked on this particular display:


The dancing cranes!!


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