Japan Trip 2011 – Hakodate-Sapporo

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Date: 7th December 2011

On our way back to the hotel we saw an interesting tsunami warning:_


At the hotel I took a break while DH made a quick visit to the next-door Fish Market. He said the market was very very clean:


All sorts of shell fish too:


When he came back to the hotel, we walked together to Hakodate Station, to catch our train to Sapporo. Oh, we needed lunch first, hence we went back to the place we visited just the day before.

Quite a collection:


DH ordered this (I can never eat raw fish!):


While I stuck to the harmless tempura:


The train journey was to be quite long. Even though they have cafe in the train and mobile cart service, we could not order due to our limited Japanese. So I purchased the drinks from a vending machine at the station (I had some buns and biscuits handy):


We still had some time to spare, waiting for our train to arrive:


DH decided to have a quick walk out of the train station to snap some pix of the tram (which unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to ride πŸ™ . Here’s one of them:


Soon our “Hokuto” was ready to depart:


Nice, clean and comfy:


Soon we were on another train ride with wonderful view like this one:


We would be seeing more wonderful sceneries, if not that it was soon darkΒ  πŸ™ .

We arrived in Sapporo at Almost 7pm. As usual, we had to look for the map of the area around the station, got our bearing and walked towards our hotel. It had snowed too in Sapporo, and the streets were slippery too…


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One thought on “Japan Trip 2011 – Hakodate-Sapporo

  1. Sis,

    Tq lawat blog . Saya pun dah kurang masa nak mengait. Malam gi kelas (sambung degree. ada setahun setengah lagi). Akhir2 ni rasa malas n stress sebab tu rajin mengait..
    Seronoknya tengok sis melancong…Harap satu hari nanti saya pon ble melancong ni ..tengok tempat orang..n beli benang πŸ˜€

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