Japan Trip 2011 – The White Hakodate Part II


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Date: 7th December 2011


We spent quite some time at the top of the hill. It was just so beautiful. If it was not for the cold weather, we might have spent longer there!

Despite that, we were there for almost an hour. We saw the cable cars come and go.  The view of the harbour:


and the rest of the city:

was just fantastic!!

Here’s a zoomed in shot of the New Hakodate, by DH:


Just when we were about to leave, we saw this guy gettign a ride down OUTSIDE the cable car! :


Just earlier he was checking the cable car. And of course he had the harness on 🙂 .


We finally left the hill, aand descended down:


When I thought we were going back to the hotel (to collect our baggage), DH told me that he wanted to check the 3 churches near the (Old) Hakodate area:


In front of the Russian Orthodox Church:


A nice magestic building:

and covered with snow;


I got tired of waiting for DH, and decided to go round the church compound too:


Suddenly it snowed!


Some information about the church:


It was a nice walk to the nearby Roman Catholic Church:


The main entrance of the church, I think:


And some comprehensible information:


There’s another church, but by the time we realised it, we’ve passed it too far to turn back. We walked on towards the old harbour, and came across this warning:


We finally arrived at the “First Place of Entering Hokkaido”:


Some history lesson:


We then walked back via the Old Brickhouses:


We had a final look at the Hakodate Christmas Tree:

with the cable car at the top of the hill in the background.

Yeah…. we walked all the way to the cable car station (took the cable car up the hill) and walked back! It was definitely a long distance in total, but it was worth it!

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