Japan Trip 2011 – The White Hakodate Part I

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Date: 7th December 2011


After checking out at the hotel, and left our luggage there, we went out for our walkabout for the day.

Destination was the Hakodate Cable Car Station, on the hill, as can be seen here:


It was quite a long walk, and the road was still very slippery:


Just before the cable car (base) station, I came across a lost Statue of Liberty:


and a ubiquitous Japanese vending machineĀ  next to it šŸ™‚ .


Looking back atĀ  (part of) the Hakodate city:


We arrived at the base station, and saw an informative map of the area:


We bought our tickets, and while waiting for our turn (the cable car leaves every 10 minutes), I looked around at the place:


Soon it was time to board the cable car:


Excited, definitely:


A nice view of the city:


Finally at the top of the hill:


The harbour:


And yes, we spotted the Big Christmas Tree too!


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