Japan Trip 2011 – Three Trains and A Lady

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Date: 6th December 2011

That day was the travelling day from Utsunomiya to Hakodate.  The straight line distance between the two places is 586km, as calculated by Globefeed.com here. Obviously the distance travelled by trains would be longer! In fact we had to take 3 trains to get to Hakodate from Unsunomiya 🙂 , hence the title of my blogg entry here.


First was the “Yamabiko 201” line  from Utsunomiya to Sendai:


Typically nice spacious train:


We passed by the famous Fukushima station (though it is quite far from the actual tsunami area):


Then it was the “Hayate 15” line  from Sendai to Shin-Aomori:

Inside the Hayate:


At Shin-Aomori, waiting for our final train:

Finally, from Shin-Aomori to Hakodate:

This “Super Hakucho” train goes under the sea bed to pass theTsugaru Straits, as shown by this information found at the back of each seat in the the train:

Nice interior too:

Just before we arrived at Hakodate, we were greeted with white villages like this:

We arrived at Hakodate at 2pm. We found some reasonable meals in a shop inside the station (as displayed):


What came (after we ordered) was almost exactly the same:

It had snowed earlier in Hakodate, so a lot of slipery roads (of frozen ice),

but we managed a quick walkabout.

Here’s a shot in front of the JR station:


Trying to take a break:

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