Japan Trip 2011 – Toshogu Shrine (Nikko)

Date: 5th December 2011

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Nikko boasts a few famous shrines, onsens (hot springs) and great national park.


We didn’t have much time there, and DH read somewhere that if time is a constraint, the one place that we should not miss is the Toshogu Shrine.


Near the entrance:


On my left I could see this pagoda:



After paying for the tickets, I started to walk in:


This is the famous facade that can be found on most tourist brochures of Nikko:


As we entered, and turned to our left, we came across the monkey carvings:


The famous “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil”:


Since there were so many tourists (there were at least 2 groups of guided tours) in the main compound, we decided to visit the tomb of a famous Shogun, Togugawa Ieyasu, which required us to climb some steep stairs:


I sure smiled in this photo, but there were a couple of brief stops, before we reached the top:


The shrine dedicated to the tomb:


Finally the tomb:


I soon climbed down to resume my visit to other parts of the Toshogu Shrine:


Shoes off for this part:


There were  also other places where not only the shoes have to be off, but also no photography was allowed.


One of them was this temple:


Soon it was almost closing time, and we had to walk out of the shrine complexc:


In a way, I was quite happy to be able to get back to the station:


We were looking for UNESCO World Heritage sign, but the closest we could get was this:


On our way back, we stopped briefly to look at the Shinkyō Bridge (God Bridge):


When we were almost back in the (old) town, I sat down here for a brief rest (note that we were 571m above the sea level)t:


We arrived at the Nikko Line train station just in time for the train ride back to Utsunomiya.


Walking back to our hotel, we came across the Lala Shopping centre (there’s a Daiso there!):

We were however too knackered to explore the shopping mall so we just went straight back to our hotel, which is just next door to it (the shopping mall).

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