Japan Trip 2011 – Visiting Nikko

Date: 5th December 2011

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We started the day with the simple breakfast provided by the hotel.

Our view while having our breakfast:


People always think that it is expensive to travel in Japan. That is not so true, if you know the way πŸ™‚ .


That “way” is to get yourself a JR (Japan Rail) pass. JR pass is only available to temporary visitors (tourists) and must be purchased before you arrive in Japan. The 7-day pass gives you almost unlimited rides on JR trains (only the fastest shinkansen lines are not allowed with this JR pass).

Here’s a sample of the pass (this one belongs to DH)


We collected our passes early in the morning, and soon we were ready to board our first shinkansen for the day:

Destination: Utsunomiya πŸ™‚


It was a pleasant trip, arriving at our hotel in Utsunomiya well before the check-in time. We soon left our bags, and continued our journey, as planned, to Nikko!

What better way to go to Nikko (when you have the JR pass) than via the Nikko Line:


The train was rather empty, andΒ  looked classic externally, which reminded me of the Flamsbana in Norway.

The train ride from Utsunomiya was only 40 minutes.

When we arrived in Nikko, it was sunny:


It was 1pm, and time for lunch. WE came across this outlet, manned by a Bangladeshi chap:


DH ordered Fish Tikka while I settled for nan bread and vegetarian dal curry:


With a happy (full) tummy, we continued our walk towards the UNESCO World Heritage site of Nikko:


It was a good 2.5km away from our train station. We came across the Rinno-ji Temple:


The temple is still under recovery work. We didn’t have enough time so (it was 2.30pm and the complexes close at 4.00pm!)Β  we gave it a skip and continued to walk towards the famous Toshogu Shrine:

Next: Toshogu Shrine




6 thoughts on “Japan Trip 2011 – Visiting Nikko

  1. The pass is still expensive as it costs over RM 1100. Not to say it is not worth it (I’ve used it myself) but it certainly isn’t cheap.

  2. Emy,
    So you must have been to Nikko too?

    When I say cheap, it’s relative to travelling in Japan WITHOUT the pass πŸ™‚ .
    I remember in 2004 I was here as a trainee, and I was not eligible to buy the pass, I bought a return ticket Tokyo-Kyoto and it cost me just slightly less than the JR pass! πŸ™‚

  3. i was a student back then, in 1999 when i stayed with my sister for 2 weeks. Everything was so expensive, ke mana2 pun naik basikal, nasib baik autumn/winter. Tak gi Nikko, visit Disneyland, Tokyo though

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