Tromsø Museum

After visiting Universitetet i Tromsø     we  took the local bus to our final destination, The Tromsø Museum. According the Wikipedia, it’s the oldest scientific institution in North- Norway!


While on the bus en route to our destinagtion, we enjoyed beautiful views like this one:


and this:


The place looked so peaceful (for a working Monday afternoon!):


We finally arrived at our destination:

One shot for the album:

Tromsø Museum is being operated by the Universitetet i Tromsø .  There are many interesting displays, one of the most interesting sections must be the one that explains how aurora is created:


There was also the section that describes the different types of  rocks found in Norway (no pic 🙁 ).

The other interesting section (not found in other countries) was the one about the indigeneous people of northern Norway, the Sami people:


And their traditional livelihood:-

Their head gears (remember, winter is this far north part of Norway can be very cruel):


Their mode of transport (very environmentally friendly! 🙂 ) :


There’s one section on Christianity. It’s so secluded and I felt rather eeri when I entered the place. I didn’t stay long, but I managed to see a “fat Christ”:



On our way out I saw the map pf the Scadinavian peninsular the the area where the Sami or Sapmi people occupy:


Like othe museums, this museum also has a section on mankind. I played with the computer generated image, and got myself decorated with middle-age jewellery. Prior to that, I had to answer a few questions, then got my pic snapped, and sent to my email address(reminded me of the Experience Green Growth Hall in Seoul ):


There was also a section on faunas of Norway, and here’s one nice display of the birds:


We knew we had to catch a certain bus to get home, so we had to leave earlier than we should. Here’s a pic of me in front of the museum while putting on my winter jacket:


Good bye,Tromsø Museum!


That’s all for now..






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