Universitetet i Tromsø

Date: 17th October 2011

“Universitetet i Tromsø” or University of Tromsø, is the northernmost university on earth, as stated by Wikipedia here.


That day we decided to give the campus a visit. I was early, so I came down to the hotel lobby, do some “Facebooking” first (though I could have done it in my room!) 🙂


We finally left our hotel, walked towards downtown again. Oh, we came across The Old Man again:


DH wanted to go to the Tourist Information Office. You see, the idea of coming all the way north here is actually to witness the Aurora, or also known as The Northern Lights.

The last 3 nights had been either rainy or heavily cloudy, so we had no chance of seeing the light. That day we were hoping the night to come would be much better, so DH went to enquire at the Information Counter.


We were happy to know that there were night outings. Just the day before all outings were cancelled  due to bad weather.

After making payments for the night outing, we continued to walk to the bus stop. DH took this shot along the way:


And I have no idea what building that is:


Soon we were on the bus on the way to the world’s northern-most university. We passed through some nice housing areas:


And came across a campus of the university:


It was interesting to see how low the angle of the satellite dishes in Tromso have to be:


We finally arrived at the main campus of the Universitetet i Tromsø. We alighted from the bus at the stop where most students did. As we walked towards the campus building, I came across a familiar face:

The Gandhi bust was in front of the Peace Studies Centre of the university. I bet this is the northern-most Ganshi bust in the world too, LOL!

Walking further we came across a campus map:


We then walked towards the main administrative building. This must be something like the main square:


With the square in front of me (or rather, the other building facing the square):


We kept on walking until we came across something that we figured out to be equivalent to the Student Centre:


We went to its cafeteria, and DH ordered salmon sandwich for him, while I only took the coffee-flavoured milk. I was not hungry yet.


We could detect a free wi-fi service which  we had to register to access it. I didn’t bother. DH tried, but the response was that the admin would  send the confirmation to his handphone. We waited for quite a while it never came.


It is a very nice campus, with the student centre linked to a few other buildings such as the library, via the basement! It would be very comfy  and convenient to the students especially during the winter months.

We then decided to continue our walk:


We then went back to the bus stop to catch the bus back to town.

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