The Polar Museum, Tromsø

Date: 16th October 2011 (Sunday)


After the walkabout in downtown Tromsø, we came to this place:

It’s the administrative office of the Polar Museum, across it.


Here’s me with the bust of the guy who first went to BOTH North and South Poles, Amundsen:



The museum only opens from 11am – 4pm. We were a bit early, so we looked around. Saw this ship:


DH said it’s a Russian baby, and he was right:


We also spent some time looking at the water or whatever were there:


In a distance, if you zoom your lense, you’ll see some of the buildings on the town side:


It was almost 11am, so we started to walk back to the museum building:


We went into the museum, and paid entrance fees (NOK50 per pax).

There were many nice displays, and we were given a folder of the translation of the texts of the exhibits:


One corner was dedicated to seal-hunting activities of yester-years:


I touched the stuffed baby seal but there’s no picture. Here’s DH’s of a close-up of it:


There were many interesting displays, and here are some that caught my attention:

Here’s a seal skin (can you imagine how many you need to get a winter coat?):


First-aid kit:


Some of the navigation gadgets:


Salt was the main (cheap too) preservative. The salt barrel:

At one point I signed the visitors’ book, and so did DH:


DH is an ardent fan of Amundsen’s and he couldn’t resist having a pic of him at the corner dedicated to that great guy:


After going roung the 2-storey museum, I got tired, while DH was still not done:


We eventually got out of the museum, and took the final look at the administrative building that we went to earlier:


Still not too exhausted, we agreed to walk across the 1km long bridge to get to the other side:


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2 thoughts on “The Polar Museum, Tromsø

  1. Whenever we could, we would try to visit the museums, because they are very educational.

    We however missed the Viking Museum in Oslo 🙁 . In winter it operates between 11am and 4pm only 🙁 .

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