Fjellheisen, Tromsø

Date: 16th October 2011 (Sunday)


As mentioned in the earlier blog (about Polar Museum), we decided to walk across the 1km-long bridge.


But we were not the only people walking across it:


It looked like it is a common family affair  for a Sunday:


It was cold and windy, so I walked briskly (as seen in the above pic), while DH took a close-up shot of the housing area at the back:


This is the view on our right when we were at the highest point:


Zooming into the front view:


I turned around and signalled DH to catch up with me:


You see, we wanted to get to the foothill as shown  in this pic:


We eventually passed the bridge, and came to the Arctic Church:


Looking back at the bridge from behind the church:


We had to walk for another 10-15 mins, before we finally reached the foothill of the local cable car, The Fjellheisen:


Nice timber building:



Me 🙂 :


It’s a rather old cable car house (opened in 1961), which operates with only 2 cable cars, going up and down every 3o mins.


Cute models:


We had some 15 mins to kill before the next trip up:


Finally we were in the car. Here’s the car operator. He looked bored 🙁 :


The view down (see the bridge that we crossed earlier and the distance that we walked?) :


There’s a wooden-floored observatory deck outside:


A shot from the deck:


We went out of the building, and what better way to celebrate our achievement (of walking that far) than to do a jump:


or another:


The hill is really barren, but a nice place for hiking:


I went quite far. We didn’t like the look of the weather, and decided to get back to the cable car building:


DH asked me to do another jump, which I obliged:


and another one with the mountains as the background:



We eventually came down, and waited for the bus at the nearby stop:


Here’s the bus schedule, as posted on the wall:


That was the end of that day’s adventure…

2 thoughts on “Fjellheisen, Tromsø

  1. Astrid, despite the lousy weather, we had a greatr time. I enjoyed the walk from downtown to the cable car. DH roughly calculated that we walked over 5km that day 🙂

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