Hello Tromsø

When we arrived at our hotel, it was almost 12 midnight, or you can say it’s 12am Saturday 15th 2011.


The room that we were going to spend 4 nights in was rather nice, despite being a bit cramp (with ensuite bathroom too):

Tromsø is one of the northernmost towns in Norway. It has the northern-most university, northernmost aquarium and northern-most cathedral, to name a few. Well, it’s about 350km north of the Arctic Circle and a mere 2000km from the North Pole. The Land of the Midnight Sun (in summer).

We started the morning with a quiet breakfast:


Being a Saturday morning, the others must had been sound asleep 🙂


Luckily I enjoyed cereals and nuts:


After the breakkie, we got out of the hotel (aptly named Viking Hotel), to see how it was:


Pretty wet so we went back to our room to rest (since the night before we went to bed late).


After a while, we decided to go for a walk down town. Still very wet but there are people trying to enjoy their Saturday:


That glassy building is the local library:


Nice-coloured shop houses:


The cathedral I mentioned earlier:


We then walked towards the water front:


A 1km bridge that connects Tromso island with another island towards the mainland:


Business is as usual for a Saturday afternoon:


It was cold, wet and windy so we cut short our walk and came back to the hotel. We saw some smarter guys (who decided to stay indoor) watching an EPL match on TV:


I took a cup of coffee (free flow of tea and coffee at this hotel, cool) and went back to our room. That was all for that day..


5 thoughts on “Hello Tromsø

  1. What a beautiful country! Love the photos and updates of your trips, great insight into how others live in another part of the world. Have a great day!

  2. Thank you, MW. I enjoy posting the blog entries too 🙂 .
    In most of our travels, we do a lot of “people watching” hehehe….

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit Norway. so I am very much vicariously enjoying your travels. The pictures are so lovely. But I must ask a question: How do you jump like that? 😀

  4. Linda,
    I am glad you like the pix. There are a few more blog entries on Norway in the pipeline. Now that I am back home, I find it hard to focus on blogging.

    The jump? I have to credit my husband for knowing the correct angle to use when shooting me jumping 🙂

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