Bergen – The Floibanen

Date: 14th October 2011


After the walkabouts around the Bryggen, we walked on towards the cable car, Floibanen. On our way there we came across an antique shop and saw these classic typewriters:


A pose at the entrance of the Floibanen:


We also met a couple of guys from the Reliance group tour, who had arrived this morning from Voss:


The rather short man on the right is actually Dato Ng Boon Bee, once a Malaysian Thomas Cup champion!


Tickets cost us 70 kroners each for a return trip. Waiting to board:


Me waiting patiently for the car to move:


No pic from the cable car because DH took a video 🙁 . Anyway it was fun to see how excited the kids in the car were!


Now, the view of Bergen from above:


It was so chilly I had to go get a cuppa 🙂 :


The railway station (not in the pic above) is at the far left of the lake, and our hotel is somewhere on the far right (top, don’t think it is in the pic) of it, and just the night before we were walking and pulling our luggage between the two places 🙂 :


Enjoying the view:


I went to the nearby restaurant, searching for free wi-fi, but there was none 🙁 . See how windy it was (look at the flags):


People watching was great too 🙂 :

There’s a playground nearby:


But too cold for me to linger longer, so we walked back to the cable station:


Oh, suddenly I thought of doing a jump 🙂 :


and another:


Exhausted and warmed, we took the car back to where we started:


Who did I bump into again? Mrs Kang (Alor Setar) who was with the Reliance group!


And the rest of the gang too:


They were assembling before going off for a Mexican lunch (so I was told by Richard, their guide).


We said goodbye, and walked down. As we turned back, we saw their bus waiting still waiting for the others:


Next: The Walk back to the hotel..


2 thoughts on “Bergen – The Floibanen

  1. Fancy you bumping into Dato Ng Boon Bee in Norway. His wife was my art teacher. Once in a while I’ll bump into them around Ipoh! 🙂

  2. Janet,
    They (Dato n gang) were a friendly lot, but (stupid of me) I was too shy to ask for a proper photo shoot with Dato 🙁 . I was happy when I found out DH took that pic of me with Dato there.

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