Bergen – Bryggen

After the brief stop at the Fish Market, we proceeded to the nearby (more famous) tourist attraction, Bryggen.

Bryggen is Norwegian for “Wharf”. It was designated as a World Cultural Site by UNESCO in 1979.


Part of Bryggen:


Zooming out a bit:


It was windy (hence chilly), so I sought shelter from the wind behind the signage 🙂 :


We prefered to stroll the alleys between each block, like this one:


ans this one:


I was somehow reminded of  The Shambles, York!


Original building materials:


Strong durable woods certainly last!


At one of the backyards:


Outside the office:


where next ot it I found a gigantic wood-carving of the famous dried cod:


another alley:


Restoration works are actively in progress:


The Bryggen people have shown that wooden structures can be long-lasting and attractive too:


Another view at the back:


A final look at the facade, before we move:

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One thought on “Bergen – Bryggen

  1. i was somehow fascinated at how the painted their building in a colourful series. so picturesque. everywhere is a postcard quality sceneries. mmg cantik!

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