Sep 03 2011 01:57 pm

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The Birthday…

Eight days ago was my birthday. It was almost eventless, except for the birthday wishes from family members especially Aina who wished me during sahur time :) . I also received birthday sms-es from my very close associates too :) . They helped cheer up my birthday, for sure :) . After over 30 years, these people still remember my birthday, and that surely touched my heart..


It was about noon that I remembered my birthday exchange gift that I collected from Rose (who’s my birthday partner for this year exchange) a few days earlier! For the exchange, we are supposed to give our partner a hand-made gift, plus 2 stash items.


Rose however went further than that! Let’s see what she got me in this bag:


There were TWO packages inside the bag:


The contents:


Another look:



Finally, what’s inside the wrapped white paper:


Rose is always good with cross-stitch, and I just love the framed picture above. I was told that the ladle (and the rest above, minus the ribbons of course) are to go with the country home theme of the picture :) .

Finally, the birthday card:


No, I am not going to share the content of the card :) .


Thank you, Rose for the lovely gifts!!!



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  1. Zarina on 04 Sep 2011 at 1.44 pm #

    Sabariah – I love that country theme which Rose sent to you. She has done a fine work on that cabin. Happy belated birthday.

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