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Kawan Awan 2011 – Part 3 (Final)

You may wish to read Part 1 and Part 2 before you proceed to read this blog entry.


Here’s a close shot of the goodie bags:

Apart from the goodie bag sponsored by LSG Sky Chefs, they also received duitraya/angpow from Capt Nik himself:

They gawked at their huge plane:

After which they happily walked towards the jumbo:

The pilots were all ready:

Though they had the boarding passes with allocated seat numbers, they actually were allowed free seating:

The Boeng 747 can carry 450 pax, hence it was so spacious for us:

Putting away the bags:

Ah, we needed to know more about the plane, didn’t we?

Getting to know the seats and gadgets around them:

In preparation for the possibility:

Here’s Capt Nik (such a simple and humble guy!) being interviewed by the media team:

We were attended to by a charming team of inflight crew, like this lady:

Once air borne, the non-Muslim got to sample some inflight refreshments:

While the Muslims were given the food and drinks to be taken home:

Some (or rather most of them!) started looking out of the window :)

It was a short 35 min ride. Before we knew it, we were ready to leave the plane :( :

Though impromptu, we managed a few group photos with the banner, like this one:

After over 24 hours of excitement (starting from the moment they left their homes the day before), they were finally going home:

Buses were already waiting for them:


That was it! Though short and simple, I am sure the outing will remain in their memories forever.

Personally, I would like to thank Capt Nik for inviting us to join in the event. Being an orphan myself (mum and dad passed away when I was 13 and 17 respectively), I could really feel for the kids. Many times, when I saw the orphans, I became overwhelmed with emotion and had to fight hard to stop the tears from flowing.

I just hope there’ll be more “Kawan Awan” events in the future. I also would like to be more actively involved. I could see myself handling some activities for them and going around looking for contributions for the gifts!!




9 Responses to “Kawan Awan 2011 – Part 3 (Final)”

  1. nik huzlan on 11 Aug 2011 at 9.58 am #

    Nice. Should do a feature for insertion into the newspapers.

  2. Yusoff on 11 Aug 2011 at 10.40 am #

    Enjoyed reading all the 3 parts. Nice one, kak.
    Looking at those faces, bulan2 puasa ni, sedih pun ada.

  3. zues on 11 Aug 2011 at 6.00 pm #

    sedih kan…but they r lucky to have this opportunity..

  4. red on 11 Aug 2011 at 10.46 pm #

    great to know some of us still got a heart…
    Captain Nik H, you have a BIG Heart..!! :-)

  5. smz on 12 Aug 2011 at 10.01 am #

    Capt Nik,
    I am no feature writer :-( .

    Tu lah, each time I teringat these kids, I rasa sebak. You know why? Sebab they do not really know what they arre missing. When I was an orphan, I was most of the time very grateful with what I got – esp the love from my aunties and cousins. Bila dah tua, dan ada keluarga sendiri, baru i perasan I was so in such a “welfare” condition!

    They definite are lucky, but for only ONE day..

    He sure does, doesn’t he?

  6. laila on 25 Jan 2012 at 11.28 pm #

    Dear Puan

    It’s heartwarming to see the kids getting special attention during an auspicious month of Ramadan. I feel for the children for I am orphaned myself. My father passed away when I was 2 yrs old. Being a middle age person now, I know how it feels to miss the TLC of a father. However, I had caring sisters who cared for me, alhamdulillah.
    I have always wanted to get involved in such charities as the one you organized but don’t know how. Perhaps, i did not get connected with the right people.
    Anyway, good job!! May you are blessed!!

  7. smz on 26 Jan 2012 at 9.12 am #


    I know what you mean because I loss my mother when I was 13 and my father when I 17.

    You’ll be surprised to know there are many other unfortunate kids around.

  8. someone on 23 Jul 2013 at 4.06 am #

    hey smz,

    i’d like to know what are the names of the six orphanage :) i went on that trip too, please message me back thank you

  9. smz on 18 Aug 2013 at 10.29 am #

    Dear someone,
    I am not sure myself. Must ask Captain Nik for the details.

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