A Gathering of Old-Timers

The last time we had a gathering was on the 4th July 2009. It was a grand one (30 years after we left school) and I was among those who initiated it. Unfortunately, later on I found out that Nuni’s graduation was on 5th July 2009, so I had to give the gathering a miss despite having bought the flight (return) tickets to go back to Kota Bharu for the gathering.Here’s a group pic, obviously without me in it!:

So, here’s the recent (mini) gathering:

Date : 5th March 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 12 noon until 7pm (or rather ,until the last guest left!)

Venue: Setia Alam (my place)

I guess many of us have been busy that we never got to have any significantly big gathering since then. Though, I know that some of us do have regular meets where we have have breakfast, lunch or just a cup of coffee together.

As usual, my ever faithful Nury was the first to arrive. Even DH calls her my co-host πŸ™‚ .

Zuhdi and family came next. We managed to have a couple of photos together (thanks to Zuhdi):

This one with Nury (but no Zuhdi) in:

Now… I can’t remember who came next. I think Kamil, Engku & Deng were next, followed by Wan Hasamudin aka K*j*k. It was nice of K***k to come, despite being busy with his son’s departure to Cairo that night.

Soon Nik Ahmad Eid arrived with his family. They arrived at the same time as Yasmin & Salwani. Yasmin brought sumptuous Secret Recipe cake.

We were waiting diligently for Salwani’s “lompat tikam”. It was definitely worth the wait:

Ladies (Mat Eid in the foreground):

K*j*k and Deng:

Close up of Kamil andΒ  Engku:

Earlier, we tried to discuss THE agenda of the day – preparation of next’s year’s Grand Re-union :

but were distracted a few time, LOL!

We however managed to have a quick group pic of the guys available at that time:

Sham arrived later with a beautiful fruit basket (forgot to take any pic until the fresh roses wilted πŸ™ ).

Kojak soon had to leave, followed by Yasmin, Salwani and Sham.

The others wanted to leave too but I told them 3 more of our friends were already on their way. Actually I think I forced these nice guys to stay back!

They were not disappointed because soon after Zuhaimi and Rusdi aka A**k arrived.

Zuhdi who went home to send back his family arrived again πŸ™‚ . He’s one loyal member of any gathering!Β  He came with some banana fritters πŸ™‚ .

After another long wait, our 3 musketeers (Kamil, Ku & Deng) wanted to leave too, especially when Nury got ready to leave. By that time Roslan P*c*t was on his way.

These guys said, OK, they’ll wait for Roslan, say hi and then go off.

Here’s a pic of us with for Roslan when he had just arrived:

Nik and Nury soon left, but the others decided to come in again! I went up to pray and was quite surprised to see the dining table full:

After quite a long wait, these guys wanted to leave too.

Ah, did I forget ot mention that the satay I ordered earlier finally arrived (my sons had to wait for almost 1 hour, despite making the booking earlier)?

Zuhdi, Kamil & Dr Zuhaimi (that’s our family doctor πŸ™‚ ):

Even DH rejoined the group for a serving of lompat tikam:

These guys finally left just before sunset!

Final headcount:

Alpha – Zuhdi, K*j*k, Nury, me, Rusdi, Roslan, Mat Eid

Beta – Deng, Yasmin

Delta – Kamil, Zuhaimi,Salwani, Shanmsiah

Gamma – Engku

To all who came to this gathering, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a real pleasure to have you at my place that day!

Credits should go to ZuhdiΒ  and K*j*k for most of the photos above πŸ™‚

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