When Two Old Friends Meet for the First Time In Over 30 years!

This blog entry supersedes my blog for the gathering held last Saturday. This blog also has the longest title so far! 🙂

But then, that was exactly the best title for this blog entry.

Kak Ton (2-yr my senior at Sek Men Sains Kelantan) and I had been planning to get her father and my FIL to meet. We finally managed to do so this morning.

I fetched Kak Ton from the LRT station, and she lead us the way to her brother’s house where their parents are at the moment.

These old folks ( we are much younger them them 🙂 )  live in Kota Bharu but occasionally they come to visit their children in the Klang Valley. My FIL & MIL were going back to Kota Bharu today, so it was really timely to get the meeting done this morning. Their friendship started during their schooldays!

When we arrived at the destination, Kak Ton’s father was in the midst of slicing some pineapple, so it looked kind of strange when he greeted us at the door with a knife! 🙂

It wasn’t long before both the old (yeah, very old! hahaha) friends got so engrossed in their chat:

That’s my MIL in the middle.

Before long, they were sitting on the same sofa!

Initially we wanted to have lunch on the floor, but realising that these guys may not be comfortable sitting on the floor (esp my FIL), we ended up having the meal at the dining table. We had to call them (these 2 guys) for lunch a few times – they just seemed refused to stop talking.

It was a sumptuous meal:

They continued to talk, and here with Kak Ton’s mum looking on:

I was the first to “attack” the food, and the first to finish. So I managed to take this shot with Kak Ton and MIL in it:

These guys were the last to come to the dining table, and they were the last to leave too! 🙂 :

The two friends continued to talk, while we ladies talked at another corner. This was the first instance where we ladies ran out of topics to talk while the guys kept on talking! MIL and I had to remind FIL a few times that we had to leave.

K Ton’s father leading my father to the car:

To me it was indeed a pleasurable outing.

I am sure Cikgu Noh (FIL) and Cikgu Rashid had a good time too, don’t you think so?

Thank you Kak Ton for making this meet possible. Her mum told me to visit them in Kota Bharu when we go back 🙂 .

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