Dieng Plateau, Java

Date: 6th February 2011

After the visit to Borobudur, we continued our day trip up into the highlands of Java, which is in the middle of Java island itself. Our destination was the Dieng Plateau.

On the way up, we passed by the town of Wonosobo.

Here’s a maintenance-free traffic officer:

The area is full of agricultural activities:

Vegetable crops:

They really utilize every piece of the fertile land:

We stopped at a popular lookout, to enjoy the breath-taking view:

Another shot:

They grow a lot of vegies like cabbage, cauliflower, and potatoes:

and a customary portrait πŸ™‚ (for my Facebook profile pic) :

The brief stop cost us Rp2000 for parking!

Anyway, we continued our journey, and were finally greated by the main entrance:

Dieng plateau is 2000m above sea level – quite high, and it sure was cool that day!

There’s a huge map but we didn’t need to stop for it:

We continued the uphill drive, until we reached the next destination, Tasik Warna (Coloured Lake):

They told us that the water changes colour, depending on it’s temperature. That day it was green πŸ™‚ :

A nearby map:

As it was getting late, we rushed to our final destination, “Kawah Sikidang”, with volcanic lake:

It was quite a walk from where we parked. Initially I just wanted to wait at the rest area near the car park, while DH, Aina & D walked towards the boiling water (crater?).

I however changed my mind, and went along (did the sulphur-smelling smoke entice me?):

It was quite a dangerous area, as indicated by the nearby signage:

Translation: Please do not go too near the crater.

The close-up view of the crater:

I wanted to have a pic taken at the spot, but as I was getting ready, the wind changed direction, and I was engulfed by the sulphuric-smoke:

It certainly got worse:

before it got better:

Here’s the view of our parking area (at the very far end) from the place of the crater (still more people coming):

And the local authority describes the area as peaceful, orderly, clean, cool, beautiful (those are the meaning of the words here):

A final look at the place from the carpark:

The experience here reminded me of the great timeΒ  I had with my great friends in Hakone (near Fujiyama) in 2004:

With our group photo (a bit off topic here, but I am feeling nostalgic) with Fuji-san in the background):

Hey people, I miss you all!!!

Now back to the topic of this blog, we didn’t visit other places since we had to rush back to Jogja πŸ™ .

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