Makcik Bloggers Meeting Again!

Yeah, exactly a week after the earlier Makcik Bloggers Meet, we had another meet. This time it was at Kak Puteri’s abode.

When I arrived (just before 3pm), Kitchen Guardian and Aida were already there.

Soon Kak Nas arrived followed by Kay.Before she could sit, there was a call asking Kay  for the direction to the place:

I just couldn’t tract who arrived after whom, but here are some shots captured during the meet:

I met Mamashita for the first time. I’ve been reading her blog, though not regularly..

I also met Kak Teh for the first time. Here’s Kak Teh when she arrived:

Like Mamashita’s, I read Kak Teh’s blog from time to time.

Since it was a pot-luck even, everybody came with something, and before we knew it there were so much food is every corner.

Among the earlier to arrive were Yani (Kitchen Guardian)’s  macaroons:

Then it was Kak Nas’ murtabak:

After that I just didn’t take much photo of the food except for the desserts:

There were also akok (together with adik/kuih bakar and abae/bahulu):

Kak Puteri when she was giving her quick welcoming speech:

Soon it was chow time:

A shot at the peak of the gathering:

And another:

and another:

And another:

Towards the end of my stay, we even managed a quick lesson on how to tie the scarf:

This group photo I took from Kak Puteri’s blog (I don’t know where she got it from):

I am sure glad I got to meet the other makcik bloggers whom I’ve not met before – Mamashita, Kitchen Guardian, K Zaitgha,K  Zendra, Kak Teh, Dee (didn’t get to chat much with her, maybe next time) and Ollie.

To Kak Puteri, a zillion thanks from me for hosting the event! Terima kasih daun keladi..  🙂

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