Makcik Bloggers Gathering

Date: 9 January 2011

Time: 3pm onwards

Venue: Marche, The Curve

Theme: RED

Last Sunday I was getting ready for the above meet. Each of us was required to bring a gift for a lucky draw.

Initially I wanted to give away these pairs of slippers that I got from my Bali trip:

The slippers are of 2 diffeent sizes, just to ensure that the receiver will have at least one that she can wear..ย  I then changed my mind…

After going through my collection, I decided to give away this vase I bought in Tokyo in 2004:

It had a nice box too:

nicely wrapped:

DH drove me there. Since it was quite congested, DH just dropped me there.

While waiting for Ezza to arrive, I went to Daiso and got myself some craft items ๐Ÿ™‚ .

I then decided to wait at the main foyer. The view of the main foyer as I went down:

When Ezza called me (to inform me that she had arrived), I proceeded to Marche. Emy was already waiting there!

I met Kak Puteri for the first time. I had a pleasant surprise to know that one of them was Puan Nasirah, who is my first secondary school principal‘s wife!

Here’s a pic of Kak Puteri, Puan Nasirah and Ezza:

Soon Kay arrived:

Soon Yat & Wan Shana joined in:

Ibu arrived soon after.

Engrossed in our conversation:

We had a swell time that we didn’t really take many pic.

We finally had a group pic, before I left (thanks to Kay):

BTW, here’s theย  gifts I got from the draw:

They are from Ibu/Ummi365 – a pair of shopping bags (when you open them up):

I like the idea of them being folded (collapsed) into a pair of tiny packets:

Cool, eh?

Back to my gifts, unfortunately it got broken when the box was dropped to the floor during the excitement. I am glad that Ezza, the person who got it, informed me about it.

So, last week I sent her some replacements. I really felt bad when the receiver of my gift got a broken vase… ๐Ÿ™

I forgot to snap any pic of the replacement gifts, but they are from mt trips to Laos, Cambodia and Sarawak.

And guess what?? We are having another MB gathering later TODAY!!!

I look forward to meeting in person the others whom I’ve been reading their blogs (on and off).

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