Seoul-Searching Trip – Day 6

Date: 16th December 2010

(BTW, there’s no story for Day 5, because I didn’t go out at all. The kids went to the National Museum). You can see their pix here)

Day 6 was our last day. We decided to hire the cab that fetched us on our arrival just 6 days earlier.

Mr Han, the driver came just before 12 noon. We were supposed to have his service from 12 noon until 8pm. The plan for the day was for him to take us to DMZ (De-militarized Zone), then send us straight to the airport.

BTW, Mr Han is a certified English and Japanese-speaking cab driver:

While we were in the cab, Mr Han told us that the traffic for the day was pretty heavy. This was due to the extreme cold weather that made many commuters to drive into Seoul rather than take the subway.

since DH has written a blog entry on this day event, I am just too lazy to do something similar, so why not I just re-direct you his blog.

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