Seoul-Searching Trip Day 4 – Part 1

Tuesday, 14th December 2010.

I found out the night before that when we went to the Geoungbok Palace, we actually wanted to go to Changdeok Palace (Changdeokgung), which is a World Heritage Site! So DH and I agreed that we should give a try to visit the World Heritage Site the following day.

So on the morning of on the 4th day, in the late morning (it was too freaking cold, at about -12C, to go out much earlier) we took the subway again heading towards the Changdeok Palace.

But before that we took a detour and visited this Experience Green Growth Hall:

This is the same place where I expereinced the U-Korea (Ubiquitous Korea)  exhibition in 2005:

From the 2005 experience, I was sure the exhibits would be interesting 🙂 . I bet it’s hardly on the itinerary  of the typical tourists coming to Seoul 🙂 !

You can visit the EGG website to get some idea of what to expect, but here are some of the attractions that Nafis managed to capture:

Right into the hall:

Aina discovered the environmentally friendly electric car (no less than a Hyundai!):

With great simulation:

that even DH couldn’t resist it:

Never mind if the instruction was in Korean:

they figured their way to virtually drive in Korea!

It wasa working/schooling day, so we were the only visitors at that time 🙂 :

I enjoyed most of the exhibits, especially those with some explanation in English!

The ideal Green township:

There was also a photo shoot corner, and we managed to take one the whole family:

Next: The Changdeok Palace.

One thought on “Seoul-Searching Trip Day 4 – Part 1

  1. m s yah,

    followed abe to korea in 2005 (company trip). still thinking to go there once again. tp x tahu bila. kena hbskn belajar dulu la kot. brooch korea that u gave still tersimpan rapi…..=))thanks.

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