NeedlesNCrafts October Stitching Bee

As the name suggested, it was last month, on 30th October, to be precise. I just didn’t get to blog earlier.

We, at NeedlesNCraft (NNC) normally have our stitching bee bimonthly. I had missed a few of them, so last month I made a point to attend and stay on for as long as I could!

Nik had blogged here. It was well-written and explained pretty detail on what happened that day 🙂 .

I just want to add on with my own. We had many books and craft to see and admire:

As Anna was arriving:

Some books brought by Faizon:

I learnt some tatting techniques from Faizon. It’s on how to do the double picots (do i get the term correct). She had the tutorial on her blog but I just could not understand.. I need a live demonstration 🙂 .

Veronica & June:

I went to the wash room, and as I walked back, I took this shot:

Jo showing the all-purpose bag that she made:

As Nik started the lucky draw. She prepared a gift for EVERYONE of us! I don’t remember who was drawing the lucky name here:

Here’s mine, purposely taken on a page of Faizon’s book because I like the little bird mobile:

And here’s the knitted scarves (yes, I knitted 2 scarves at the same time!):

Honestly, I think you get a better description of the day’s meet from Nik’s blog entry. I am too lazy to re-write what happened 🙂 .

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