Love Never Ends – Air Supply

Last Monday (15th Nov 2010), I attended the latest Air Supply concert at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. It was aptly entitled “Love Never Ends”.

Both DH and I got the VIP tickets at RM304.50 each!

The seats were on the 10th row from the front and I got an aisle seat! The tickets were birthday gifts from our kids, Nuni & Nubli (the two who are now working πŸ™‚ ).

When we left home at 5.50pm, it was raining heavily. We arrived at KLCC one hour later. We went to redeem our tickets before going for our maghrib prayers. We had a simple dinner there too, after which we adjourned to the concert hall.

It was still pretty empty:

The stage then:

My friend Shima was also there with her hubby:

(pic taken using my N79 phone)

The organiser did allow still photography but video-recording was strictly prohibited.

The opening act which we didn’t miss:

The REAL show started with Russell Hitchcock singing solo:

His voice sounded as good as in their audio CD! I tried my best to remember the songs that they sang and in which order, but I was really hopeless!!

Graham Russell played the guitar like he used to, jumping around with full stamina.

and singing too!


With 135 concerts per year globally, I am sure they remember the lyrics (even the lengthy “Making Love Out of Nothing At All”!) very well!

DH took over 300 shots! Here are some of them:

Somewhere in the middle of the show, while Graham Russell was singing, I saw Russell H coming down from the stage on the right. He shook hands with some of the audienceΒ  in front. I was thinking to myself, oh no! I was not close enough to him.

Before I knew it, he dashed to the back! He continued to sing too, while shaking hands with some of the audience at the back. I think he took DH by surprise, that’s why he (DH) didn’t get many shot then. Here’s one of them:

While we were focused on Russell H, Graham R actually did the same thing from the other side of the auditorium:

Their performance was very entertaining:

At one time, Russell invited the audience to come forward to dance while they sang. Intially nobody went to the front, but soon there were many followers:

Many of them actually wanted to take close-up shots of the duo:

Many BBs too:

Soon the people on duty asked them to go back to their seats, which they did reluctantly.

Many times we were singing along or clapping hands while they sang. During the excitement, DH managed to snap this photo of me:

The duo started their show at 8.40pm, and they finished at 10.20pm. To most of us, the concert was a tad too short πŸ™ . We noticed some songs, such as “Two less Lonely People In The world” were missing… πŸ™

Ah, well, it was still entertaining, to say the least!

My verdict: it was very entertaining to me, and I was happy I got to sing along with them, hehehehe….. πŸ™‚

Thank you again, my kids!!

And, yes, LOVE NEVER ENDS!!!

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