A Working Week in Alor Setar

This time 2 weeks ago (Tuesday) I was driving north, heading towards Alor Setar for a 4-day work assignment.

As mentioned earlier, I don’t like to talk about work. I’d rather talk about other things I tried to do to fill up the in-between time.

Why don’t we let the pix do the story-telling?

We stayed at the Holliday Villa (claimed by most to be the best hotel in town):

By 1.30pm, we were already at the place we were supposed to be:

That night we went to Kuala Kedah for dinner at this D’Perindu Restaurant:

We waited for the dishes to come:

and waited:

It was almost 1 hour after we ordered, and then only we understood why they had this notice at a few corners of the restaurant:

Translation: Please be informed that we take quite a long while to process your order.

One hour after our order, the food finally arrived:

We were surely happy when the dinner was over (it was about 11pm by then!)

On Wednesday despite being so occupied (the session went all the way into the night!) we managed to have a brief stop at the infamous Pekan Rabu:

hat we didn’t

We were there between 5.30pm and 6.45pm only, but we managed to browse through the shops there:

I’ve been here before (in 2005) but I still enjoyed this walk-about:

Another view of the arcade:

We were lucky to be able to catch the local lasses making/frying the local kuih karas:

Not satisfied with the shot, I took another one:

A close shot:

We bought some of the freshly prepared kuih karas, and walked up further to see other offerings at the bazaar.

Another famous product on sale is the ikan pekasam (pickled/fermented fish):

I am not so much a fan of the ikan pekasam, so I walked on and saw the locally ground coffee on sale:

We just have so many types of coffee at home, so I didn’t buy any, either 🙂 . I managed to catch a friend doing her shopping, though 🙂 :

Since we had to go back to the night session, we decided to have take-away meals from this shop:

On Thurs, we continued with our session until very late in the afternoon (almost 6pm). We also had our dinner with the participants.

When the dinner was over, we decided to unwind a bit by visiting the popular dataran (square) in front of the Balai Rong Seri:

With my N79 and E53 Nokia phones I tried to capture the famous icon:

And the mosque across the road:

Since we were still not sleepy, we decided to visit the nearby Stadium Darul Aman:

Initially I was wondering why should we go there, but when we arrived, I was surprised that the place was still alive with night stalls selling all sorts of goods:

It was Thursday night, and in Kedah Friday is the weekly public holiday (instead of Sunday), one shopkeeper told me that he might keep his stall open until 2 or 3am!

We left the place almost midnight.

The following day we finished our morning session just in time for lunch and for the guys to go for their Friday noon prayers.

On our back home, we stopped at the Sungai Perak Rest Area.

This was my first visit to the place since its renovation. The place looks very nice;

and more spacious too:

Since all of us had been working hard, and sleep-deficient, we took easy at the stop:

We took our time to savour the local pau:

and laksa:

and exchange notes on the recently concluded training/facilitation session:

Before we left the rest area, we visited the aboriginal stall:

and the fruit stall where we bought some local guavas and mangoes (no pic – too busy buying, hahaha!!).

We arrived back at our office at 7.20pm (to drop off the guys) and I reached home just before 8pm.

For the record, thank you Pokme taking over the driver’s seat at Gunung Semanggol Rest Area!

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