A Lengthy Brunch

Early today, I joined some of my friends in visiting another friend who is going for Hj next week.

We had nasi kerabu with fish & fried chicken, popia, cup cakes, and many other desserts for our get together. We also had a great time catching up with each other.

We were waiting for another friend to arrive, only to know that she had a fall some time ago, and could not drive herself. So we decided to visit her instead.

I only remembered to take some pix when it was time to pack the some food to our poor friend, and pack the leftovers to be taken home.

Here are some of them.

The batter-coated fried fish:

Some of the leftover condiments for nasi kerabu with a lonely popia (after we packed what we wanted to take home) :

Oh, I forgot to mention that, due to popular demand from a previous get-together at my place some time ago, the hostess ordered some “lompat tikam” (A kelantan dessert)  but this time without the green rice custard 🙁 .

Here’s the glutinous portion of the lompat tikam:

which we should take with the brown coconut sugar and the white sticky stuff (made of coconut milk and some rice floor as thickener):

All Packed and ready to adjourn our “meeting” to the second house:

We had another great time at Ch****’s place. Ch**** was definitely happy to have the nasi kerabu delivered to her:

Even those who wanted to leave early (one lady wanted to service her car today but decided to postpone it) decided to stay back until the end – too much good time to miss here:

We sure enjoyed ourselves tremendously:

Many times we wanted to leave but were held up with some “stories” to share.

The discussion became very hot when I talked about the “Disappearing Quran Pieces Incident” back in school in 1977! Ch**** even asked us to start a new “story” when we wanted to leave, but it was past lunch time. If we were to stay longer, we would have to force the hostess to get us lunch, and Aina who had to follow me would really die of boredom, LOL!

I know, it it was very hard to say goodbye:

It’s OK ladies. We’ve already promised to meet up again after S**** comes back from her Haj! 🙂

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