A Very Noisy Get Together! :-)

Last Saturday 8th May 2010,  I managed to have a very noisy but enjoyable gathering for some ladies who used to go to the same secondary school as me. It took us a few weeks of contacting as many friends as possible to make the event successful. Means of communications – sms, email, phone calls and Facebook announcements!

It was a pot-luck event (I love potlucks, because I didn’t have to prepare so much, despite being the hostess 😉 ).

I didn’t take any photo, but Kak Fatihah’s daughter took some very nice shots.

Nury and I prepared nasi kerabu (a typical Kelantanse dish) with pseudo-“daging bakar” and fried chicken. We had so much food on the table – spaghetti, quiche, sweet desserts, fruits, soft drinks, and the grand dessert was lompat tikam, also a traditional Kelantanese sweet dish.

When I told some of the friends that Sally was to bring the lompat tikam a few of us reminded me and Sally that the colour of the glutinous rice had to be RED!

Let’s see some of the pix:

Here’s the pulut (glutinous rice) with coconut & salted fish:


We played these blu-ray discs (that arrived just the day before) as side entertainment:


They had to work for their meal, but that didn’t stop them from chatting:


Looking at some old photos:


Finally it was real chow time (no time to lay out the dishes nicely):


This particular lady sure ate a lot:


She could afford to do so because she works out everyday!! And on that day she made up to me by doing the dishes 🙂 :


The “lompat tikam” arrived a bit late:


Soon it was on the dining table (yes, the glutinous rice was red 🙂 ):


When it was time for some to go home (while others were yet to arrive), there was more than enough for everyone to tapau:


But not before we had a group photo:


And a not so formal one:


When it was time for some to leave, another lady had just arrived (with more food!!):


A few more arrived later, but the camera girl had gone home by then 🙁 .

Anyway, it was a great day for me. Thank you ladies for coming. To those who could not make it, don’t worry, because some of us were already talking about the next gathering!

All pix courtesy of Kak Fatihah & daughter..

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