Feb 25 2010 11:59 pm

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My First Earring

No, not the first earring I own, but the first earring that I made! Yes, earring, and not earrings, because I’ve only made one, and not a pair. Here it is:


I’ve used 925 silver parts that I bought recently, hence (hopefully) it doesn’t tarnish.

I’ll make the other one this weekend :-) .

I’ve also made another pair of earrings but I haven’t got the pic yet.

In the mean time, if you care to read, Nuni has blogged about the Iceroom here.


2 Responses to “My First Earring”

  1. Old fren on 26 Feb 2010 at 4.44 am #

    Nice… very nice!!!

  2. Paul Lionel on 13 Mar 2010 at 7.23 pm #

    You’re not going to make an earring for the Anniversary Gift are you? :O

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