My First Felt Flower

I’ve made all sorts of flowers before. The first flowers I made were those using some velvety sticks, when I was in primary school. I also followed the craze in the 1970s to make flowers from rubber foam, plastic and straws.  When I was in secondary school I learned to make crepe paper flowers from my seniors. I also learned to make flowers from ribbons, stockings and tissue paper(I still make them for fun, esp during internal meetings/discussions).

I however have NEVER made any flower using felts! And to make things worse, I’ve not made any of those earlier mentioned flowers for at least 10 yrs now!

For our forthcoming NNC anniversary meet, I’ve enlisted myself  in the the lucky draw where each member is expected to handmake something, and on that day we will have a draw to determine who get’s what. One of the requirements is to have an accompanying felt flower.

It took me quite a while to find felts. Finally it was  Nuni who managed to get some for me from Lily Craft, Subang Parade.

So tonight, while watching “The Biggest Loser Asia”, I decided to try make a felt flower. And, here’s the product of the night:


Ah, too small for you to see? Here’s a close-up:


Actually the color is a very shocking pink! All the felts that Nuni bought (several colors altogether) are striking, except for the brown one.

I tried to get better shots of my maiden felt flower, but managed only this:


and this (on the sofa):


And finally, another perspective of the bloom:


I am glad that we are asked to only make ONE flower and not a whole bouquet! 🙂

Before the end of the tv programme, I managed to make a bud to go with it:


And here’s the combo:


Actually making this flower really reminded me of the foam/sponge flowers that my late mum taught me to make.

4 thoughts on “My First Felt Flower

  1. Kak Sab, the flowers are so lovely. too bad i have to miss coming to ur house n the meet . My sons birthday on tht day too regards to all .

  2. Paul,
    It’s far from perfect lah… but can lah…

    TQ. Wait till you see the pink in real life, very shocking!!

    TQ. Aiyyaa… Would love to have you around on that day. Well, I am sure there’ll be some other time.

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