Ice Room, Bandar Baru Nilai

Last Tuesday, when we went to send Fis back to his PLKN camp, we saw this new outlet:


We were not hungry, but we were certainly thirsty, so on our way back we stopped by, and ordered”Passion fruit and mango” something:


Yamy Yamy:


And something Avocado:


And today (Sunday), after sending Mae back to school, and visited Fis, we stopped by at Ice Room again. This time we were hungry, so we ordered main dishes as well as the cool smoothies/sorbet, whatever you call them!

Let’s wait for Nuni’s blog for a more comprehensive report on the place 🙂 .

4 thoughts on “Ice Room, Bandar Baru Nilai

  1. maaf nk maklumkan… ice room ni tidak halal.. logo halal swasta digunakan tidak di iktiraf oleh JAKIM..

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