Bracelets of the Day!

Today I managed to make this bracelet for my friend, Siti.


I also decided to make a simple matching brooch for her. I promised to send these tomorrow, as my belated birthday gift for her. I used grey Swarovski crystals and Japanese imitation pearls.

While I was at it, I decided to re-do Nury’s broken crystal bracelet as well as her fresh-water pearl bracelet that was too tightly strung. So, Nury, here are your bracelets:


I used the extra crystals to make the brooch but I could not do the same with the pearls because the holes are too small for the pin. So I decided to have the dangling pearls added to the bracelets. I hope Nury likes it. And Nury, sorry for keeping the bracelets for so long… 🙂

Footnote: I used gold-filled wires (suasa) and gold-filled  little beads for all the bracelets, so they shouldn’t tarnish.

8 thoughts on “Bracelets of the Day!

  1. TQ very2 much. I like them. You had done a lot of things for me since school, the baju kurung, vest (knitted while you were in adelaide), to name a couple. Itu tak masuk yang kecik2. i really appreciate them and will treasure them. Tapi dah outgrew the earlier gifts hehehe…..

  2. Zarina, i can make them, but the quality needs a lot of improvement.

    I do not remember making any vest for you! It must one of those using my knitting machine which has since gone.

    I only make for the fun of it. Once I start a business, it won’t be that pleasurable anymore..

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