My Valentine Exchange

Remember my recent blog about the Valentine Exchange?

I finally managed to open the packet on the morning of 14th February 2010, and here are the beautiful gifts that Nik has sent me:


The other side of the pouch has my name clearly embroidered:


These pix were taken from Nik’s blog 🙂 .

Nik did the embroidery using her latest sewing machine, which she named Em.  With Nik’s creativity, she has produced quite a number of beautiful machine-embroidered items.

Thank you Nik for the gifts. They are just lovely. I’ve put some of my tatting threads in the pouch.  The little stuff (what do you call them?) will come handy when I do other crafts, I am sure.

As for my gift for the exchange, Usha from Klang is my partner and I’ve sewn her a tote bag:


It’s not so crafty, is it? Hmm…. 🙁

Neverthe less, I hope Usha will find it useful. I even put a couple of pocket on the inside of the bag for her to put her wallet and othe small items such as her handphone, as shown here:


apart from the tote bag, I also gave Usha a patchwork/hand-embroidered handbag that I bought in Laos (or was it Cambodia) and a pair of panda keychains which I got in Chengdu. Dang, I forgot to snap any photo of these two. I was already late in sending the gifts, so in the rush I forgot to snap a pic of the handbag and keychains.

Anyway… one exchange done, and a few more to go, as listed here.

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