Playing With Beads Again

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of not working. I took the opportunity to unpack some of the boxes and catch up with ironing (apart from the routine cleaning, doing the dirty laundry, etc..).

In between the work and Facebooking, I took some quick time off  to organise the storage of my beads and stones. I then made these phone accessories:


The little golden beads and the wire that I used to connect the beads are gold-filled (in Bahasa we call it suasa) so they will not tarnish. I posted on my FB wall, and was surprised that quite a number of friends commented that these are cute.

Today, I had my monthly breakfast with Sh, As & Al. I came home at 11.30am.

Later in the afternoon, I felt like playing with the beads again, so I ended up with the following pins:


I wonder who would be the lucky owners of these pins (apart from me and Nuni)?

In the mean time I am also doing some knitting as well as having a few ongoing crochet projects. I also would like to do some patchwork quilting! Hey, there are only 3 more days of long weekend (minus today, which is almost gone now). Will I ever get to do so?

Oh! While I am playing with beads, I need to re-do Nury’s bracelets… Will blog later once they are done!

4 thoughts on “Playing With Beads Again

  1. As Salam

    was wandering around Plaza GM @ Chow Kit and found this fantabulous shop that selles Swarovski Crystals and nick nacks for accesory making, and prices are cheap too. Wondered if u knew about this ‘little heaven’ for jewelery making hobby?

  2. Afifi,

    I’ve never been to Plaza GM, but I’ve been to GM Klang, and yes, there are a few shops that sells beads, etc.. One shop actually sells swarovski crystals, and at very reasonable prices too.

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