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Duit Raya (Eid Money) is similar to angpow. Unlike angpow (which is given to those who are still unmarried), duit raya can be given to anybody, by anybody. It’s just that most of the time it would be the adults giving it to the children, though many adults give duit raya to their elderly too, such as parents, uncles, grandparents, etc..

The last time I received duit raya was exactly 30 years ago! I was still a student, “yatim piatu” (someone whose parents have passed away), and quite broke. I really appreciated the duit raya that I used to get. Though not much (most of my relatives were poor, and at the age of 17, I was considered too old for duit raya!), the duit raya that I got was very meaningful.

Since I started working, I have been giving duit raya to those I feel like giving (Hahaha!!! Sounds so selective, eh?). Kids would normally get some duit raya from me. Some adults like my brothers, sisters, step mum, cousins, adopted parents and some poor village people are some of the other recipients.

Some setbacks of the duit raya:

  • I do not know  how, but eventually it was always expected of me to give duit raya. So, when there were times when “my economy” was not good, I avoided visiting some of these people, because I could not afford the duit raya, but I didn’t want them to know.
  • Many times those I visited who got duit raya from me are quite poor,  or maybe they feel that they are poor, relative to me? I don’t know, but they didn’t give any duit raya to my kids who were much smaller then. Kids being kids, many times they complained, asking why do I give duit raya when they didn’t give them (my kids) any? Having said that, there wa one lady (she passed away several years ago) who used to get some duit raya from me, but NEVER FAILED to give some back to my kids! She said that those are kids, and they deserve to get the duit raya. That particular lady had such a big heart! Now that my kids are big, I can rest assured that I will not hear such complaints anymore.

Raya is about giving, sharing and forgiving, so why not (if we can afford) spare some duit raya for those deserving lots, and those who are close to your hearts, right?

By the way, last week, on the first day of Eid,  THE FIRST TIME IN 30 YEARS I GOT a BIG duit raya from my eldest girl, Nuni who celebrate her first Raya as a someone who earns regularly!! Thank you, Nuni. I was surprised to receive it!

Here’s a peep of the duit raya that she gave me:


I am not telling you how many pieces are in it, hehehe…… DH got one too..

7 thoughts on “Duit Raya

  1. Kadang kadang jadik masaalah jugak pasal duit raya ni…ada masa nya kita boleh bagi sikit jer tapi budak budak ni kondem kita depan orang ramai…so saya pun macam u jugak laa..kalau ekonomi kita merudum..i tak pergi rumah mereka tu…

    Sometime they expect more from us ..macam muka kita ni cap duit…hahahaa

    This year..anak buah yang bekerja dah mula bagi I duit raya..terasa dah tua plk!..heheh

  2. Ezza,

    Pengalaman i bagi duit raya ni pun mmg bercampur2. Kebykan waktu mmg puas hati lah, tapi ada juga waktu tu, bila kita beri RM200, dia boleh kata, “Ni je?”. Percaya?? Tak payah cakap lah siapa… Kekadang tu terasa jugag beri duit raya yg tak ikhlas. Beri lebih sebab takut kena kutuk, bukan kerana i mmg betul2 mampu. Tu dulu2 lah.. sb i mmg desperate to get “approval”/restu/acceptance from various people. Tapi skrg i buat bodoh je… Lagi senang kalau tak gi beraya bila tak de duit, tak payah sakit hati!

    I ada kaan dulu, dia tak de anak, jadi dia tak bagi duit raya, sb dia kata asyik dia je memberi. Tak ikhlas kan macam tu? Nk bagi ni biarlah ikhlas….

  3. I remember not getting duit raya from quite a number of people back then. I could never collect more than RM80 despite joining a rombongan beraya with my friends (that would be about 10-15 houses in one day 😆 ) who managed to get >RM100 even without the rombongan.

    Let me guess how many pieces of notes are currently in Mama’s packet… ZERO! 😆
    I bet she has used them all as her duit raya (hey, they were crisp new notes, unlike the ones that Mama exchanged her money for! 😀 ).

    Selamat Hari Raya. 😀

  4. Ala… my Muaz baru nak SPM this year… the earliest I can get duit raya from him is maybe in 5 years… Adoi….

  5. salam.

    i’m always on ignore mode when it comes to duit raya. by that i’m not saying that i don’t give any. it’s just that i give it to whoever i think i have to give it to, in whatever amount that i think is appropriate to give. just ignore all the comments/feedback.

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