Of Iftar and Open Houses

Note: I’ve updated my blog on my birthday here.

Today is the 25th day of fasting. We will be celebrating Eid soon. I have wanted to to blog about iftar (the breaking of fast) for some time but didn’t really get to do it. I might as well do it now, before Ramadhan is over.

Actually it’s the buffet iftar offered by hotels and similar outlets that I’d like to talk about. The prices range from about RM50 to well over RM100 per head! On average, if I go to the Ramadhan Bazaar to but food for iftar, I would spend  RM25 to RM30 only for the 3 of us at home!

People have talked about thw gluttony of hotel iftars, but at the same time people still attend them. It’s a free world, so I guess they are entitled to spend their money on the grand iftars if they can afford them.

Anyway, here are some reasons why I hate iftar at a puvlic place (as stated in my Facebook wall):

1st, I hate the queue for the food, as everyone tries to get the food at the same time (proven tonight, though I was lucky because we had a private function in a room rather than joining the masses at the public buffet). 2nd, the need to pray within the short time. 3rd, i don’t eat that much, so it’s not worth the trouble of going to the place (the road would normally congested, or we had to go much earlier). 4th, normally ther would be some other sessions (speeches, religious lesson) while waiting for the breaking fast time. 5th, normally the plates/bowls for the buffet are too small. we’ll need to make a few trips to get the food that we like. Today, after a plate of gado-gado (local vegetable dish) and a little bowl of bubur chacha, I just went home. I like the latter, but the bowl was too small, so one helping was not enough, and I was too lazy to go to the table and queue again for seconds. 6th, I hate the bloated feeling if I eat too much- in the case when the food they serve is nice!

I personally avoid iftars outside home. I just prefer the privacy of breaking my fast at home. Unfortunately last Friday I had (it was compulsory) to attend the company’s iftar function at one golf club here.

The function kicked off with the late afternoon prayer at 5pm. It was then followed by some company speeches, and a short tazkirah (religious lesson).

It was a simple one, and was held in a separate room. Even the buffet was held in the room (at the back of the room), and not together with other patrons. I am really grateful for that, because I can’t imagine the queueing that I’d have to do to get the food!

There were other programmes after the iftar, but  left for home early. I just hate to have to pray there.

Anyway, here are some shots using my Nokia phone:


Quite a big crowd:


And here’s the CEO giving his speech:


Many of us was held up at the office, and only managed to join the function just in time for iftar (abt 7.15pm).

Next week will be the Muslim month of Shawal, and the celebration month (celebrating the end of the fasting month), and from then onwards, we will be busy with “Open Houses”. Sometimes I wonder, why can’t companies just have the Open House, and make sdo without the Iftar? Don’t worry, it’s just ME thinking.. I am sorry if I offend those who love iftars! 😉


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  1. Remember our cheapest buka posa meal so far? Just RM17 for the 4 of us, thanks to our Bazaar Ramadan: laksa utara (2x), nasi tomato, mi goreng, roti john, air tebu. Burp, satisfying meal! 😀

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