Pix of My Birthday Gifts

I know, it’s more than a fortnight since my birthday. As I mentioned earlier, I joined the NNC Birthday Exchange. My partner was MW, who sent me these goodies:

This one MW calls the “Thread Wagon”:


The ball of thread is “tight” to the casing/container, so if I pull the thread, it will not roll out of the casing, nor get dirthty. Cool, eh? 😉

Side view:


And the other side:


MW is (as usual) so generous with her birthday gifts. I was indeed lucky to have her as my birthday gift partner. Apart from the thread-wagon mentioned above (and the thread to go with it!), she also gave me these:

  1. A fat quarter Kauffman fabric (see the background of the pix above)
  2. 2 more balls of tatting thread
  3. 1 hand dyed tatting thread (She bought from Zarina. See here for a pic of it. Look for the pink and green color combination).
  4. Some beads and pins.

Oh, MW, as I mentioned in our e-group, I love EVERY single piece that you sent me!! Thakn you very much!

Here’s the pic of the hand dyed thread (taken fron Zarina’s page):


Initially I ordered it from Zarina. Then she was quiet for quite a while. I was busy with work that I didn’t get to contaqct her (was all the while wondering when she was going to send the thread to me, and how I could make the payment for it). Without me knowing, MW had asked Zarina to sell it to her (MW) instead, so that she (MW) can send it to me as a surprise! A surprise indeed, it was!

I also received a Quran from an officemate. She gave it to me a couple of days before my birthday. I like the font size on the Quran, big enough for my eyes!

Nuni got me this for my birthday:


Isn’t she cute? She spent the first few nights with Aina, who obviously had a great time with her! Now this Mummy-moo is sitting compfortably on one of our sofa chairs.

She gave me more, but I am too sleepy, and the Internet connection is really slow… I’ll continue tomorrow night..

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