Another Snatch Theft

And this time the poor victim was my own MIL. It happened yesterday, just before dawn, as MIL was walking home from the nearby madrasah, after the morning prayers.

She was almost home, when a motobike suddenly stopped in front of her. The pillion rider came to her and snatched the tote bag she was carrying on her shoulder.

She was so scared that she didn’t resist. She just let the bag go, and at the same time told the boys/guys that there’s no money in the bag. Inside the bag was her long sarong for the prayer and her house keys. FIL had already came home much earlier. MIL came back later because she stayed back to recite the Quran with her friends.

MIL is still very shaken. No money was lost, but her confidence and strenth are obviously affected. Poor lady!

They had to change the house keys yesterday.  So much hassles… 🙁

And yet, I was told by my religious teachers that Satans are chained in this holy month of Ramadhan! *sigh*

3 thoughts on “Another Snatch Theft

  1. i’ve never heard of snatch theft so early in the morning unless they were also on their way back from the morning prayers. bless (f**k) them.

  2. Poor ma….happened to my mum earlier this year. She was on her way to the mosque on Saturday morning for the weekly ‘ceramah’. Also 2 boys on motorbike grabbed her bag with a few ‘kitab’ and (unfortunately) her purse which contained quite a sum of money, right in front of the police station. These young people are soooo lazy to work (and study) and looking for ‘easy and fast’ money. Its no wonder that boys are scarce in IPTs.

  3. isk…macam iklan radio sinar..peragut sekarang ni pantang tengok beg kan..kire nak ragut jer..binawe betol..sib baik MIL tak diapa-apakan…takper2..buat baik dibalas baik..buat jahat tanggung la akibatnya nanti..

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