Are We Really Ready for a 1Malaysia Concept?

A very embarassing incident yesterday:

Yesterday’s incident, as reported by The Malaysian Insider:



Do not talk about religious tolerance if it’s only one-way. Why can’t we¬† Muslims be a bit tolerant to our non-Muslim neighbours?

The mosque in my neighbourhood (which happened to be about 100 meters away from the over 100 year old temple that needs the relocation) has been blaring the calls for prayers over the PA system daily 5 times daily! Not just that, the actually morning prayers prayers (that start as early as 5.30am!) are also broadcast until sunrise! During weekends (when people want to catch up with lost sleep over weekdays) this would be followed by the broadcast of some religious class (kuliyyah/ceramah) going on until about 10am.

I know the intention is good, but I think even some Muslims do not appreciate that (but never dare to voice their discontent, in fear that others might accuse them of being un-religious, or worse, religious blasphemy).My house is over 200m away from the mosque and I can hear clearly  hear every word from the PA system. Sometimes I wonder how my non-Muslims neighbours can tolerate that all these years?

Yesterday’s unruly behaviour brought shame to other Muslims in this country! What happened to all those good behaviours that we were taught of? Respect for the leaders? Read here (I had to capture in 3 seperate shots):




I don’t know what (damage) the leaders have done in the past 50 years! I think we were much readier for a 1Malaysia 52 years ago!

One thought on “Are We Really Ready for a 1Malaysia Concept?

  1. Sab
    ini lah jadi jadi janji masa pilihanraya lain, bila dah berkuasa lain plk jadi nya…
    jangan ingat nak memerintah sebuah negeri yang ada semua rakyat di Mlaysia ni macam nak mengurus kan sebuah syarikat korporat!


    1 Malaysia ni dah lama di praktik kan oleh rakyat Malaysia…cuma sekarang ni di politik kan……

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