The Passing of Another Friend :-(

Barely 4 days after losing a primary school friend (YI) last Friday, early this morning I was shocked to get the news of the demise of another school friend, Mahisham. Mahisham is my secondary school classmate (who happened to know YI (during some state centralised trainings).

Mahisham contracted pneumonia, and was admitted to the hospital about 2 weeks ago. We knew about Mahisham’s illness, and a few of us (not including me, of course) who are in Kota Bharu have been visiting him regularly at the hospital. Last night I read about Ita (who lives in KL) visiting him there!

When I first heard that he was admitted, I tried calling him but my call was unanswered. Later that day  he sms-ed me, telling me that he was on oxygen mask. He however called me last Tuesday and forced himself to talk to me for a few seconds (he sounded very week. That’s the last time I heard his voice, too) before he passed the phone to another common friend, Saiful, whom I’ve not met for over 30 years. That’s how thoughtful Mahisham was. He knew I was asking around about Saiful, so when Saiful went to visit him at the hospital, he remembered it and made the call.

Mahisham was an English teacher. An active and dynamic one, mind you. He just told me recently (before he came down with the illness) over the phone that he’s in the midst of writing an English book and pursuing his PhD! As one of our classmates in a boarding school, you can expect us to be quite close to each other. Only time that separated all of us. In 2004, I managed to visit him while he was on duty in school (just before school dismissed) and he looked very cheerful, and I have to say both of us were as delighted to be able to meet up after we went separate ways over 25 years earlier.


I also blogged about him when he came out top student in Open University three years ago.

Mahisham was never married and lived with his mother.

Updated at 1pm, 24th March 2009:

An x-student of Mahisham’s who left 2 comments on this page has blogged here.

will continue later….

19 thoughts on “The Passing of Another Friend :-(

  1. Dear Kak,

    I never knew Sir attended boarding school. May I know which school was that? Maybe he did tell us, but my memories are failing me at this time. I googled his name to find about the newspaper article on him graduating from OUM, and I found your blog.

    Thanks for blogging about it. I copied the pictures there for my blog, so that my friends can see it. I hope you don’t mind.


    A lot of students will sorely miss him…

  2. Dik,
    we were together in SMSKel or now known as SMSTM Faris Petra.

    Sure, you can take anything from my blog :-).

  3. sedih nya bila dengar sorang sorang kawan kita meninggal..giliran kita bila lah pulak…
    tapi itu lah yang kita akan tempuhi.

    Salam dari saya.
    see you this saturday!

  4. Ezza,

    Kalau you follow my blog, you sure perasan i terima berita kematian every week for 3 weeks in a row 🙁 .

    Life is so short…

    ya, jumpa this Saturday!

  5. Death is just a transition to another world. Everybody faces it, so fret not, it could be the best thing to happen to all of us, ever. 🙂

  6. salam kak…
    cikgu mahisham was my hockey coach… the one who responsible for my involvement in hockey up to state level… al fatihah…

    kak.. hope u dont mind i copy paste picture of him from ur blog to mine..

  7. Sad and shock!

    First thing first. Thanks Sabar for news. A bit too late for me to know about it. But, of course, better late than never.

    I actually have a very long story to tell about arwah. Certainly not here. So many times that I’ve tried to meet him in so many occasions before this, but I failed for so many reasons. Now, semuanya dah terlambat… terkilan sangat rasanya.

    The normal thing I would wish now is… “semoga Rohnya ditempatkan bersama-sama orang yang soleh…”

  8. Anisz,

    That’s no surprise, because arwah was a state hockey player during our school days. He was also a soccer player, to state level too, if I’m not mistaken. His late date was the state netball coach for MSSK.

    We have started “the beginning of the end”. Some people’s beginning is short, ours, we don’t know yet.
    We were so nakal masa sekolah dulu, mmg tak peliklah if we have so many stories to tell.

    On a lighter note, he liked to mention “shirley Bassey”. I was so ulu, tak tau lah, maybe he was a fan of Bassey’s. Dah masuk Uni baru i tahu siapa Bassey, haha! Anyway, in the end we called arwah “Basi”, and you bet we had some great time together in the class. The “basi” became his nickname among ua.

    Talking to him over the phone about 3 weeks ago (hee was well, no sign of any illness) was good – always makes us want to keep on improving ourselves.

    I’ll surely miss him for a long time to come 🙁 .

  9. Kak dearest,


    Saya terkejut dengan apa yg terjadi. Apa yg paling meyejutkan, saya berbalas sms ngan dia dlm penghujung bulan february 2009. just sms. beritahu dia yg kawan saya ( murid dia ) dah kawin pada 14 feb. dia dengan sedih beritahu saya yg dia tak dijemput pun. nak pujuk hati seorg cikgu yg bagaikan ayah pada kami, saya cakap yg kawan saya jemput saya pun last minit sebab dia akan fly ke oversea. then dia pun mcm ok je berbalas sms ngan saya.

    saya adalah ketua pasukan hoki pertama yg dia asas di sekolah rendah zainab (1). saya juga adalah anak jurulatih hoki kepada cikgu marhisyam semasa cikgu marhisyam bermain di peringkat kebangsaan. sebab itu kami rapat. jasa dia mengajar saya hingga saya berpeluang mengecapi kejayaan dalam hoki hingga ke peringkat negeri, tak dapat saya lupakan. hanya Allah yg dpt membalas jasanya. Dan saya adalah antara yang bertuah mengenali cikgu marhisyam.

    yg saya cukup terkilan, kami tak sempat berjumpa, hanya berhubung melalui telefon shj. itu pun bila saya cal, walaupun dia cakap mcm happy, tapi jauh kedengaran suaranya mcm sedih. last month pun sama. dan dia tak pernah cakap yg dia tengah sakit. bila saya tanye, ” Cikgu sakit lagi ke?” dia hanya cakap yg dia syukur dia skrg tak lah sakit mcm dulu. kenapa dia tak cakap ngan saya yg dia tengah sakit. dia kata dia rindukan anak2 murid dia. Dia bangga sebab semua anak2 murid dia dah berjaya. tapi saya sedih bila dia tak berterus terang yg dia tengah sakit lagi.

    Anisz ( suhaniz ) adalah satu pasukan campuran ZS1 + ZS2 pertama dibimbing oleh arwah. anisz…. tak sangka, cikgu kita dah pergi tinggalkan kita….

    semoga dia ditempatkan antara org2 yang beriman. amin.

  10. Sabar and all,

    Just to add some things about Allahyarham. He was also a sprinter, together with our Prof. Khudzir. During Form 5, I remember his seat was near ours, Khudzir and Iqbal. By mid-year, when there is no more ‘class’ (syllabus covered), we used to chit-chat among those in our corner, talking about what we were going to do after passing our MCE.

    Anyway, he was also an active member of Scouts, his father being one of the scout masters in the state. Can still remember he brought me back some souveniers from Sarawak when he went there for Jamboree. I was really looking forward to see him this 4th of July since I haven’t met him for almost 30 years. I don’t have any new memories of him except the ones from school [soooo….sad :(( ].

  11. it is really eerie for me to find that i was standing next to him in the class photo.we were together in bangau dorm.every week we fought each other just to show who is incharge,weirdly,we always made up.he and i were together in every adventurous indiana jones in the hostel.i left sms in 78 and had no news of him.i met hm after 30 years and i didn’t know it is the last is really historical event as for thirty years i wonder where this sabariah a mathematics whizz who made me spellbound when she wrote the calculations on the made me feel dumber and lacked confident at maths asit bruised my ego to see a girl was much better than me.the deceased connected me to you after 30 is aworth while moment to catch up with you.actually i hate this cyber thing.this is my firstb time typing all this thing just to show how eager i am to keep intouch with u.before tht please clarify why u treat me as common friend,does it mean i just passed by in your life without any significant/i always mention ur name as a source of inspiration whenever my children are slow at ur not common but special

  12. Pul,

    It’s a great honour to have you drop by at my blog! Thank you.

    “Common friend”? Ah…some imsunderstanding. Common here means similar to “common denominator” in Mathematics – ask your kids!

    You are never common (as you understood) to me. Otherwise, why would I be asking for you all these years? ASk the boys (oops! the guys, I mean).

    None from the Alpha class is common to me in that sense. What I meant here is you are my friend, and Mahisham’s friend, so, you are our “common” friend!

    Please keep up to date in the cyberworld – it’s worth while!

    I’m also honoured for you to put me in such high position, and to mention to your kids. However, this “Math whizz” is very ordinary (common?) now 🙁 .

    Anyway, I (like other friends) look forward to see you on 4th July.

  13. Sabar, sorry tumpang your blog to communicate with Saipul.


    I used to be ‘scared’ of you. Not physically, but more of you saying things about us (girls) that would be embarassing, in front of the class and teachers. Well, that was then. Really hope to see you on 4th of July.


  14. Yeah, “mutual” would be a better word. Why didn’t I think of that!

    Thank you Paul. 3 deaths in less than 2 weeks – quite difficult for me to swallow!

  15. Al-fatihah,

    sorry to say,

    sdihnye… sy xtahu yg arwah mngalami radang paru2… sblm 14hb feb. lps my sis ada cari arwah…… my sis slh sorg pasukan hoki negeri bwh bimbingan arwah nk sgt arwah g wedding dia……. i thought dia pn xtahu lg arwah dh xde………. memori bsama arwah time i kcik2 dulu xkn i lupa.. my sis akan sdih klau dgr berita ni….. arwah mrupakan guru n coach ksyangn dia.. semoga rohnya d tmpatkan antara org2 beriman…..

    i mis u sirr……

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