Another “Typical” (Hectic) Weekend

Yesterday (Saturday) we attended 2 weddings – one in Section 20, Shah Alam, and the second one in Raub!

When we arrived in Raub, all the guests were gone, but since the host is MIL’s cousin, we felt quite at home, and stayed for quite a while to chat with many relatives who were there.

We only left Raub after 5pm (I think), and instead of going home, we dropped by at my BIL’s house in Segambut. We were given a dinner treat of pizza.

Then we went to Sri Kembangan to send one cousin home. Bok lives in the block next door, so I called him to come over to the cousin’s place. I succeeded in getting him to come back home with us, promising to send him back this morning,

And this morning, DH and I went to our friend’s clinic in Kg Jawa to get some repeat prescription. We came home with packed breakfast of “nasi dagang” from the Kelantanese Restaurant next to his clinic.

After their breakfast, we packed all the kids in the car and headed south. First we dropped Bok off at his place (as promised), then we went to Port Dickson for the Raptor Watch Week, organised by MNS. We used to go to the event for 4 years in a row, followed by 4 years of absense! Hence, we thought we should go again this year 🙂 especially when the kids mentioned that they missed it. OK lah… This holidays we are not going anywhere far, so Raptor Watch it was.


As we arrived (it was  just before 1pm), we were greeted by a couple of flocks (yes, more than ONE group) of raptors which had just arrived from Sumatera. Quite a long journey, indeed!



I am not a serious birder (a birder is the nickname given to someone who likes to watch birds, identify them, and probably take loads of pictures of them), but I enjoyed the spectacle, nevertheless :-).

Closer shot:


Crested-honey buzzard;


White-bellied sea eagle:


Soon I was getting bored, as most of the exhibitions are on things that I’ve known already, e.g. the mechanism on how the raptors got here (in Tanjung Tuan) from Sumatera, what are migratory birds, what types of raptors could be observed (with crested-honey buzzards as the most common ones here),  why they migrate, etc…

We were members of MNS for a few years, until I forgot to renew the membership fees 🙁 .

I stopped briefly at the “Fraser’s Hill Conservation” booth, and looked at their “Annual Bird Race 2009” information.

Then all of us had ABC (ice kacang) under a shady tree 🙂 . When DH and the kids decided to go for a walk, I took out my crochet, and started crocheting. There were a couple of times that I actually dozed off.

At 2.45pm, we left for PD town to have late lunch of KFC. Then we headed home, via Sepang (coastal road).

Well, at least that was what I thought, until at the Sepang junction, instead of turning towards KLIA, DH decided to go straight north, heading towards Morib beach.

The consequence? We stopped at several beach fronts, for DH and kids to look for more birds. The last point was Kelanang Beach (a bit north of Morib), before finally we really headed home. We stopped at a food stall for a quick early dinner, and reached home at 8pm.

And tomorrow I’m going to have a long working day – training from 8.30am until 4.30pm, followed by a meeting at the office at 6.30pm – I wonder at what time the meeting will end…..

To see more pix, please go to Nuni’s blog, and DH’s album.

I’ll put up some pix, once I can get them from DH and Nuni.

Pix are from DH’s collection.

2 thoughts on “Another “Typical” (Hectic) Weekend

  1. Yes, Ilham Resort has been the venue ever since MNS started Raptor Watch.

    Cuba lah gi one day. Boleh naik ke light house sekali.. I dah a few times naik, tu yg baru2 ni malas nk naik lagi.

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