A Morning At Bukit Kiara Cemetery

This blog entry is dedicated to Zul’s niece, Suri, who’s in Australia and his friends who could not make it there today.

I left home this morning to fetch my junior (by only 1 year), Noor at Section 13, Shah Alam. I’ve not met her since I left school in 1979, but Noor’s feature has not changed much so it was easy to recognise her ๐Ÿ™‚ .

About an hour earlier I called Da (Zul’s missus) and was told that they were on the way to Balai Islam TNB, Jalan Bangsar.

So, Noor and I headed towards Kuala Lumpr. I was contemplating whether I should use the NPE or just stick to the Federal Highway. The traffic looked pretty smooth after the Batu 3 Toll, and since it was past 9am, I decided on the latter.

When we arrived at TNB, we were told by the guard that the van that carried Zul’s remains had just left for the cemetery only a couple of minutes earlier.

I then drove to the cemetery, and true enough when we parked the car, the special van had just opened it’s door. This was my first time visiting this cemetery. I guess that added up to the others that I’ve been before – Jalan Ampang Cemetery, Klang Cemetery and Shah Alam Cemetery (of course, these are all for Muslims in Klang Valley).

I carried my old Lumix, but I tried my best not to cause any discomfort or awkwardness, so I only took pictures very discretely.

Here’s the van:


It was a normal hot morning, with occasional cool cloudy intervals. You can see that in pix that do not have shadow.

As Zul’s remains was laid to rest:


Close family members sitting on the mat. Zul’s missus in white scarf:


From a slightly different angle:


And another:


I then moved to the back:


While the imam reading the talqin:


And others looked on:


His eldest child(son) pouring the rose water (he looks so much like Zul) as his little sister looked on:


Da getting ready to do the same (another daughter in the blue tudung, facing towards the camera):


And others:


Here’s K Ros asย  she turned around:


The girl in baju melayu is one of Zul’s daughters:




Zul’s younger sister:


Apart from family members, there were a lot ofย  Zul’s officemates at the site who refused to leave the place. Here are some of them:


Another one of the family members I think:


I think it was about this time that we were informed of the tahlil tonightp1280432

Eventually friends started to say goodbye to Da, with comforting words, of course. I took this shot:


Noor then went to meet Da, followed by me (no pix, of course).

I then managed to talk to Kak Ros for quite a while. By now she was aware that Noor and I are Zul’s schoolmates.

Soon it was our turn to leave the place too.I looked back for the last time, before I drove off.


When both Noor and I arrived back in Shah Alam, I realised that I didn’t get to take any pic of her earlier, so I snapped this one using my hanphone camera:


I was so thirsty that I ordered 2 glasses of drinks – one “iced-lemon tea” and the other one plain ice ๐Ÿ™‚ .

I then went back to Kuala Lumpur (for work) and only got home just before 9pm. And I was offline too ๐Ÿ™ .

11 thoughts on “A Morning At Bukit Kiara Cemetery

  1. kak,

    zul’s “daughter” in baju melayu is actually his son.. i think it is a boy.. the fourth one…

  2. salam,

    thanks a gazillion for posting the pictures from the cemetary. I worked with Zul closely (side-by-side, as his subordinate and his sparring partner) for the past 12 years and as with the rest of us, his colleagues. We’re such a close knit group and we’ve shared a lot between us all, through births of our children, sickness and joy.

    this was a shock to us all. this morning some of us are still unable to keep dry eyes especially when we walk past his room, reading his name on the door. we have official letters he has minuted to us in his handwriting. i have images of him, popping at my door, asking is I was busy so we could have a chat. at breakfast, i had tears brimming in my eyes while I asked for nasi lemak at Zul’s favourite kaknor’s stall remembering his penchant for chapati and roti arab and he would always tell us .. “I jaga makan ni” while he downed nasi dagang. cheeky, cheeky guy!

    zul has been a great friend to us all. one who brings smiles to everyone’s face. we will miss him. we will miss his jokes in meetings. we will miss him at breakfasts and we will miss his presence.


  3. Dear Zul’s officemate,

    Thank you for the info. I thought “she” is a girl, but I was wondering too why he was wearing baju melayu.

    Dear Gartblue,
    Thank you for sharing your memories of Zul. I am not that lucky to know the wiser Zul.

    apart from me ,there are many other friends who have not met Zul even since we left school, though he was in the e-group occasionally.

    Lesson for us all – if we want to meet someone whom we’ve not met for so long, NEVER delay it!

  4. Salam,

    lucky by chance had google it. Thanks for posting the pictures.., really appreciated. I’ll be back in April 2nd for family visit and umrah.

    Salam from Sydney.

  5. Suri,

    I am glad you came back to this blog ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    I am sorry that I couldn’t have any pic from Balai Islam ๐Ÿ™ .

    I think Mrs Zul (Da) needs all the support she can get and your presence will surely help.

    And finally, my best wishes to you for your umrah.

  6. Salam Kak Sabar,

    Hazila here. I saw Aruah Zul in ICU (DSH). I did not know who he was then. I juat passed by and saw his children were reciting Yaasin. His wife was moving his hand up and down. I was there to visit hubby’s cousin out from OT. Somebody asked me – “Dtg nak tgk Encik Zul juga ke?”. I said no. I saw a familiar face there, looks like my ex-roomate. Pakai tag kerja TNB. Then I knew she was Gartblue. My x-roomate is her twin sister. Somehow, I became curious and try to get info from Gartsblue’s blog, which in turn, linked to your blog. Baru tau yang “Encik Zul” was one of my super-super seniors. Al-fatihah.

  7. Hazila,

    Yeah, if only you knew who he was, and who he was to me, then maybe I’d get to meet him then. Tapi dah takdir macam tu, nak buat macam mana..

    And yes, dunia ni kecil je kan… pusing2, kita jumpa org kita kenal, atau org yg kenal org yg kita kenal, hehehe…

  8. Salam Kak Sabar,

    Thanks for your note.

    Ive being calling family to know the family updates every now and then. Yer lar kita jauh di perantauan rindu selalu negeri sendiri. I managed to talk with Da yesterday to find out how’s she being coping without Che Zul ( i use to call my uncle che zul – and he use to call me adik). Got to know her and children living in the big house without other close family member. Yer lar everybody have their own family. Since Che Zul settled down Ive not to get a chance to visit them often. Sekali sekala balik KL baru ada chance itu pun kalau cuti lama. Selalunya balik sana atas urusan kerja. Ive contacted Da to stay with her during my visit before umrah. So now I need to cancel my accommodation in KL. So boleh lar jumpa Kak Sabar. Sebelum kematian Suri dah arrange nak buat doa selamat dgn family pada 4th April (my bestday on big O hehehe – first time nak sambut dgn family di Msia). So kali ni kita buat sekali tahlil. Kak Saba pun di jemput.

    I think I have recognised and met Kak Noor earlier (is it her in the pic above?) but during that time I was still young girl. Tak tau lar mungkin kot. Apahal nanti kalau ada masa jemputlah ke rumah Da pada Sabtu April 4th. Insyaallah kami buat majlis doa selepas maghrib. Ada perubahan kita khabarkan. Here is my contact in Australia + 61 400270933. In case ada plan nak bercuti sini khabar lar.


  9. Suri,

    Yes, so far 4th april is clear and I’ve noted it in my diary. I’d love to come along.
    Insyaallah, we’ll meet up then.

    Satu “pemergian” menghasilan silaturrahim baru… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Zul has done something good despite being gone.

  10. salam.

    saw some familiar faces in the pics.

    maybe i’ve came across the late Zul before? i don’t know.. anyway, alFatihah.

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